Staying Present in Design and Construction: Liz Madsen '20 M.Arch

July 29, 2020
Liz Madsen '20 M Arch
Student Profile
Liz Madsen

Four Questions with Master of Architecture Student Liz Madsen

Liz Madsen entered CAPLA's Master of Architecture program after receiving undergraduate degrees from Arizona State University in Architectural Studies and Urban Planning. She is from Tucson, Arizona.

What brought you to the University of Arizona to study architecture?

I chose to apply to U of A because I wanted stay in Tucson and the model shop at CAPLA is really awesome.

What do you like best about the M.Arch program?

I enjoy the small class sizes. They allow us to have more discussion-based classes rather than lecture-based.

Architectural drawing by Liz Madsen

Image by Liz Madsen.

What has been your biggest challenge at CAPLA, and how have you overcome that challenge?

My biggest challenge was working a part-time job and working as a graduate assistant while going to school full-time. I had to learn how to manage my time. I don’t think I always did it successfully, but it was definitely a learning experience!

What does the CAPLA experience mean for you?

I really enjoy our studio atmosphere. Due to COVID we lost an important part of studio culture last spring, but at least we still had Zoom.

Thesis image by Liz Madsen

Image by Liz Madsen.

What internships or other job experience do you have, and what are your career aspirations?

I have been working at a home builder here in Tucson since graduating from ASU. My job has been focused on land development and construction rather than architecture. Given the current job market my main goal right now is to stay present in the design and construction field, however those opportunities arrive.

What advice do you have for prospective M Arch students?

Stay in studio (or Zoom) when you’re working on assignments. Especially with studio being digital right now, it helps to have friends and classmates readily available to bounce ideas off of. Architecture school is stressful, so make sure you take care of yourself!


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