Faculty Research & Publications

The faculty of the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture are leading experts and innovators in the built environment.

Their scholarship in architecture, cultural heritage, landscape architecture, real estate development and urban and regional planning is published in the top journals and referenced widely in the media. They work with faculty across the college, the University of Arizona and around the world to make the places we live, work, learn and play more sustainable. The work closely with students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to make our built environments more resilient. And they work with the community—here in the Sonoran Desert and far beyond—to understand and enrich the places we and others call home.

Our Research Stories

People wearing face masks

Extreme Heat and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Global Heat Health Information Network Launches Comprehensive Online Resource

CAPLA Assistant Professor of Planning and Sustainable Built Environments Ladd Keith contributes urban planning and local governance information to resource that focuses on managing the health risks of extreme heat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tucson Sun Link Modern Streetcar

Planning Professor Arthur C. Nelson Shares Analysis and Lessons from Development around Tucson’s Sun Link Modern Streetcar

Professor of Planning and Urban Design Arthur C. Nelson teamed with doctoral student Robert Hibberd and MRED and MS Urban Planning students to conduct research highlighted recently in TREND Report.

Helen Erickson

CAPLA Heritage Conservation Project Director Guides Urban Planning Graduates and Neighbors in Creating a Cultural Asset App for Tucson

Each year Helen Erickson brings together graduate students in her preservation planning course with neighborhood residents on a project designed to benefit the community. This year they created the Tucson Community Treasures app.

Faculty Publications

Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Elena Canovas, Professor of Practice in Architecture
Essay and interview in Conversations and Allusions: Enric Miralles. 2019 (Fundació Enric Miralles).

The Digital Space for Modern and Contemporary Catalan Architecture. 2019 (Col.legi d’Arquitectes de Cataluya).

Susannah Dickinson, Associate Professor of Architecture, Jonathan Bean, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Sustainable Built Environments and Marketing, and Aletheia Ida, Assistant Professor of Architecture
Critical Practices in Architecture: The Unexamined. 2020 (Cambridge Scholars).

Lauri Macmillan Johnson, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Director, School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, and Kirk Dimond, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture
"BACKFLIP - Papago Park City Boundary, Arizona," topos. March 2020.

Aletheia Ida, Assistant Professor of Architecture
"Fluid Matters: The Embodied Water Footprint of Building Materials," chapter in Examining the Environmental Impacts of Building Materials. 2020.

Ladd Keith, Assistant Professor of Planning and Sustainable Built Environments
"Participation and Engagement of Public Health Stakeholders in Climate and Health Adaptation,Atmosphere. March 2020. With E. Austhof, V. Berisha, B. McMahan, G. Owen, M. Roach and H. Brown.

Arthur C. Nelson, Professor of Planning and Real Estate Development
"The Little Train That Did: Commercial Real Estate Rents and Proximity to Tucson's Sun Link Modern Streetcar with Lessons for Future Expansions," TREND Report. April 2020.

Gary Pivo, Professor of Real Estate Development and Urban Planning
"Essential elements at play in local environmental policy change: A guide for the perplexed,Environmental Science and Policy. April 2020. With A. D. Henry and L. Berger.

Philip Stoker, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Planning and Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Assistant Research Scientist
"Urban water security: a comparative study of cities in the arid Americas," Environment and Urbanization. 2020. With R. E. Diaz-Caravantes, F. Martin, M. Bernabeu and C. Scott.

Philip Stoker, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Planning
"Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)," chapter in Basic Quantitative Research Methods for Urban Planners. 2020 (Routledge).

Beth Weinstein, Associate Professor of Architecture
"Choreographies of Spatial Labor as Critical Spatial Practice," chapter in Critical Practices in Architecture: The Unexamined. 2020 (Cambridge Scholars).

"Erasing, Obfuscating and Teasing out from the Shadows: Performing/installing the camps' (in)visibilities," Performance Research > A Journal of the Performing Arts. 2019.

"Performances of Spatial Labor: Rendering the (In)visible Visible," Journal of Architectural Education. September 2019.