Faculty Research, Publications & Presentations

The faculty of the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture are leading experts and innovators in the built environment.

Their scholarship in architecture, cultural heritage, landscape architecture, real estate development and urban and regional planning is published in the top journals and referenced widely in the media. They work with faculty across the college, the University of Arizona and around the world to make the places we live, work, learn and play more sustainable. The work closely with students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to make our built environments more resilient. And they work with the community—here in the Sonoran Desert and far beyond—to understand and enrich the places we and others call home.

Our Research Stories

Elena Cánovas

Building a Common Vision: Elena Cánovas, Professor of Practice in Architecture

Professor of Practice in Architecture Elena Cánovas, who came to CAPLA in 2017 from Barcelona, views service as "being a part of a community that works together to build a common vision. This is a fundamental role of architects in society.”

Courtney Crosson

Equitable Green Infrastructure Research Led by Architecture Assistant Professor Courtney Crosson Featured in ScienceDaily

Research exploring the potential of green infrastructure for mitigating flood impacts, particularly related to the mobility of low-income and minority communities, was published in a National Institute for Transportation and Communities report led by Courtney Crosson and featured in ScienceDaily.

Middle housing: rowhouses in Brooklyn, New York.

New Kid in Town: Missing Middle Housing

There’s a new urban development concept in town—it’s called missing middle housing. And Arthur C. Nelson, CAPLA professor of urban planning and real estate development, had a big part in making it happen, showcased in the new book Missing Middle Housing: Thinking Big and Building Small to Respond to Today's Housing Crisis.

Select Faculty Publications


Altaf Engineer, Sternberg, E.M., & Ida, A. (Eds.). (2020, August). Healing Spaces: Designing Physical Environments to Optimize Health, Wellbeing and Performance. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) Special Issue Book Reprint. Basel, Switzerland: MDPI.
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Altaf Engineer. (2020, April). Confluence of design and technology to promote healthy aging and longevity in older adults. Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA51), Tempe, AZ.
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Arthur C. Nelson. "The Little Train That Did: Commercial Real Estate Rents and Proximity to Tucson's Sun Link Modern Streetcar with Lessons for Future Expansions," TREND Report. April 2020.

Daniel Parolek with Arthur C. Nelson. 2020. Missing Middle Housing: Thinking Big and Building Small to Respond to Today’s Housing Crisis. Washington, DC: Island Press.
Arthur C. Nelson & Robert Hibberd. 2019 (finalized for distribution in 2020). The Link between Transit Station Proximity and Real Estate Rents, Jobs, People and Housing with Transit and Land Use Planning Implications. Portland, OR: National Institute of Transportation and Communities, Portland State University.
Arthur C. Nelson. 2020. The Great Senior Short-Sale or Why Policy Inertia Will Short Change Millions of America's Seniors. Journal of Comparative Urban Law and Policy, 4: 470-5245.
Arthur C. Nelson and Robert Hibberd. 2020. The Influence of Rail Transit on Development Patterns in the Mountain Mega-Region with a Surprise and Implications for Rail Transit and Land Use Planning. Transportation Research Record.

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An, X., & Gary Pivo. (2020). Green buildings in commercial mortgage‐backed securities: the effects of LEED and energy star certification on default risk and loan terms. Real Estate Economics, 48(1), 7-42.

Philip Stoker & Adriana Zuniga-Teran. "Urban water security: a comparative study of cities in the arid Americas," Environment and Urbanization. 2020. With R. E. Diaz-Caravantes, F. Martin, M. Bernabeu and C. Scott.

Philip Stoker. "Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)," chapter in Basic Quantitative Research Methods for Urban Planners. 2020 (Routledge).

Beth Weinstein. "Choreographies of Spatial Labor as Critical Spatial Practice," chapter in Critical Practices in Architecture: The Unexamined. 2020 (Cambridge Scholars).

Lutz-Ley, A.N., Scott, C.A., Wilder, M., Ocampo-Melgar, A., Lara-Valencia, F., Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Buechler, S., Diaz-Caravantes, R., Varady, R., Ribeiro Neto, A., Pineda Pablos, N., & Martin, F. (2020). Dialogic science-policy networks for water security governance in the arid Americas. Submitted for inclusion to the special issue of Environmental Development organized by the Inter American Institute for Global Change Research.
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Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Gerlak, A.K., Mayer, B., Evans, T.P. and Lansey, K.E. (2020). “A multidimensional assessment of urban resilience from green infrastructure systems.” Submitted for inclusion in the Special Issue of Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability – Resilience and Complexity: Frameworks and Models to Capture Social-Ecological Interactions, edited by Christopher Scott, and François-Michel Le Tourneau. Vol. 4. Pp. 42-47.
Gerlak, A.K., & Adriana Zuniga-Teran. (2020). Addressing injustice in green infrastructure through socio-ecological practice: What is the role of university-community partnerships? Socio-Ecological Practice Research, 2: 149-159.
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Elena Canovas. Essay and interview in Conversations and Allusions: Enric Miralles. 2019 (Fundació Enric Miralles).

Elena Canovas. The Digital Space for Modern and Contemporary Catalan Architecture. 2019 (Col.legi d’Arquitectes de Cataluya).

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Beth Weinstein. "Performances of Spatial Labor: Rendering the (In)visible Visible," Journal of Architectural Education. September 2019.

Select Faculty Presentations


Arlie Adkins, Ingram, M., & Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Sonmez, E. (2020). Workshop: QPED Toolkit – Qualitative Pedestrian Environments Data for better, more equitable transportation decision-making. 2020 Active Living Conference, February 2-5, 2020.

Sternberg, E.M., Yang, B., Li, S., Young-Jun, S., & Altaf Engineer. (2020, September). DASH-SAFE: A Multi-Modal GIS-based Real-Time COVID Risk Assessment, Management, & Navigation Tool - Dr. Esther M. Sternberg. Restruct Built Environment Research Symposium: Mid-Pandemic Adaptation, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.
Kristina Currans, Abou-Zeid, G., & Nicole Iroz-Elardo. (2020). Linking Residential Parking to Automobile Transportation Impact Outcomes at a Development Level. 2020 Transportation Review Board Meeting. Washington, DC.
Eduardo Guerrerro. Special lecture on “Contemporary urban theories” at the Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies (KRVIA), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. September 16, 2020. 
Eduardo Guerrerro. Special lecture on “Contemporary urban theories and research methods” at 
Texas A&M, College of Architecture, College Station, Texas USA. September 8, 2020.
Eduardo Guerrerro. Panelist for the "Master of Urban Design Advanced Design Project Reviews", at University of California Berkeley, College of Environmental Design. August 14, 2020.
Nicole Iroz-Elardo, Arlie Adkins, & M. Ingram. (2020). Measuring Perceptions of Social Environments for Walking: a Systematic Review of Walkability Surveys. Poster at 2020 Transportation Review Board Meeting. Washington, DC.
Elizabeth Deakin, Arthur C. Nelson, Kristina Currans, David Lee and John Renne. 2020. Transportation and Land Use. Centennial Papers. Transportation Research Board.
Arthur C. Nelson. Keynote, Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute. 2020. "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet: Transforming the Built Environment Through Its Nonresidential Spaces."
Arthur C. Nelson. Special Lecture, Urban Fellows, Georgia State University School of Law. 2020. "The Great Senior Short-Sale."
Arthur C. Nelson. Congress for the New Urbanism. 2020. "Missing Middle Housing."
Arthur C. Nelson. Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute. 2020. "Financing Resilient City Growth”.
Arthur C. Nelson. Transportation Research Board. 2020. "The Influence of Rail Transit on Development Patterns in the Mountain Mega-Region with Implications for Rail Transit and Land Use Planning."
Arthur C. Nelson. Transportation Research Board. 2020. “The Link between Transit Station Proximity and Mode Choice to Work, Working at Home, Vehicle Ownership, and Transportation Costs with Implications for Transit and Land Use Planning Implications."
Arthur C. Nelson. Transportation Research Board. 2020. "The (Overlooked) Link between Express Bus Stations and Commercial Rents with Implications for Transit and Land Use Planning". 
Adriana Zuniga-Teran. 2020. “State of the Cienega Watershed.” Presented at the Cienega Watershed Partnership Workshop, via Zoom. September 18.
Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Murrieta, J., Garcia-Perez, H., Buechler, St. Lara-Valencia, F. Spickard, G. 2020. “Second Planning Workshop: Raingardens for my School”. This workshop was the conclusion of the project titled “Developing an outreach model for green infrastructure to address flooding and sewage spills in Ambos Nogales,” funded by the Arizona-Sonora Inter-University Alliance. September 24.