CAPLA Lecturer James Brian Marian Provides Insight on Commercial Real Estate Trends in CommercialCafe Interview

May 20, 2020

James Brian Marian, an adjunct lecturer in real estate development in the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Arizona, was featured in an interview about trends in commercial real estate on May 20, 2020 by CommercialCafe, a well-known commercial real estate blog.

The interview focuses on Marian’s insight into significant trends and challenges in the current commercial real estate market.

Marian notes that it is “still too early to say how the marketplace will be impacted” by the COVID-19 pandemic, and offers insights from other industry leaders in addressing the commercial real estate market in the U.S. today. He also compares the commercial real estate market in Arizona to the rest of the country, noting that the difference is, “in a nutshell, growth. Arizona continues to attract new business.”

When asked about other insights he’d like to share, Marian suggests now is a good time to obtain a Master of Real Estate Development. Coupling an advanced degree with hard work and creating value for clients will provide “almost unlimited income opportunities for professionals.”

Marian teaches real estate finance, manages capstone projects and student internships and helps direct CAPLA’s Master of Real Estate Development program. A 1979 graduate of the University of Arizona, he is also the founding partner and designated broker of Tucson-based Chapman Lindsey Commercial Real Estate.


James Brian Marian, Adjunct Lecturer in Real Estate Development


Interview in CommercialCafe