CAPLA Master of Landscape Architecture Receives STEM Designation

March 27, 2020
Master of Landscape Architecture
STEM designation for the Master of Landscape Architecture acknowledges the innovative, technical nature of the graduate program while enabling eligible international students to extend their post-degree stay in the U.S.
MLA student project review

The College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Arizona is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) is now a STEM-designated degree.

CAPLA’s MLA is an accredited, three-year first professional degree program that prepares students for practice and licensure as professional landscape architects. The new STEM designation (and associated new CIP Code 30.3301) better reflects the dynamic technical nature of the professional training CAPLA MLA students receive.

Our program incorporates the latest innovations in landscape design history, theory and criticism; design processes and methods; professional communication including written, verbal, multimedia and hand graphics; advanced technologies and tools; landscape ecology and landscape performance methods; sociocultural design factors; site engineering, construction and design implementation; and professional practice policies, procedures and ethics.

Graduates are equipped with the tools they need to enter the workforce as tech-savvy, groundbreaking designers. For example, state-of-the-art computer labs and expert faculty provide students with strong backgrounds in geospatial analysis and methods, plant and ecosystem science and digital methods for creating models, simulations and visualizations. Our Environmental Monitoring Maker Space allows students in the program to gain technical environmental monitoring and modeling skills while deepening their understanding of landscape performance metrics. These skills provide a strong foundation for developing creative design solutions for the built environment.

STEM OPT Extension

As we look toward the future of an increasingly global profession, we recognize our international students as essential members of our student and alumni communities. Eligible international students who attend the University of Arizona on F-1 visas and complete the STEM-designated MLA degree may now extend their stay in the United States by up to 24 additional months beyond the standard 12 months associated with the Optional Practical Training (OPT)—enhancing their overall educational experience and helping to bridge their experience between academia and practice. View details.

Additional Information

To learn more about the MLA, visit or contact Emilio Romero, graduate student services coordinator, at 520-621-9819 or


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