Architecture in the Time of COVID-19: CAPLA Students and Faculty Adjust to Online Learning

Sept. 2, 2020

In a September 1 article in The Daily Wildcat, College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture students Anisa Hermosilla '21 B Arch and Valerie Rauh '22 B Arch discuss the challenges and opportunities for moving hands-on architecture courses, such as design studio and site planning, into an online format due to COVID-19.

“When it comes to our studio course, we rely more on each other than our professors,” Hermosillo says in the article. “Our professors are there for commentary and directing us.”

Rauh adds: “Definitely being able to see everyone else’s work. I miss being able to ask [other students] questions and see what they’re doing.”

Assistant Professor of Practice in Architecture Teresa Rosano notes that she "spent the summer asking her students for feedback on their courses to better prepare for the fall," and is focusing on behind adaptable.

And while challenges remain, “[b]oth professors and students have tried a variety of methods to replicate the studio environment," the article states. “Rosano has employed breakout rooms, discussion boards, Google Docs and image-sharing platform Wakelet to help students be able to share their ideas, inspirations and projects with one another.”

Read the full article on The Daily Wildcat.


Arizona Daily Wildcat Article Featuring Architecture Assistant Professor of Practice Teresa Rosano and CAPLA Students Anisa Hermosilla '21 B Arch and Valerie Rauh '22 B Arch