Casa Schneider, Designed by CAPLA’s Teresa Rosano and Luis Ibarra, Showcased in ArchDaily

July 12, 2021


Casa Schneider
Casa Schneider, designed by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects. Photo by Bill Timmerman.

The work of Ibarra Rosano Design Architects, the architecture firm established and led by College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture Assistant Professor of Practice Teresa Rosano and Luis Ibarra, was featured in ArchDaily on July 12, 2021.

The showcase, curated by Paula Pintos, features the 3,647-square-foot home built in Tucson and completed in 2020. Casa Schneider is home to the architects' first client, the award-winning Garcia Residence. While the first home was built in the foothills north of the city, for this home the owners "wanted to live closer to Tucson's burgeoning downtown and newly developed streetcar in a multigenerational home that could accommodate his aging mother," notes the showcase.


Casa Schneider
Photo by Bill Timmerman.


"The urban courtyard arrangement of Casa Schneider is internally focused," says Rosano. "The play of light and geometry stems from the unusual wedge-shaped lot nestled between two adjacent properties. Two building masses slip past one another, inviting the sun to cast its constantly changing hues and shapes on plastered white walls. Windows and openings playfully animate an otherwise monastic façade. Planes fold and facet to receive the ever-changing hue of desert light at both interior and exterior."

The showcase includes an extensive gallery of photos and design images. View the ArchDaily Casa Schneider showcase now.

Rosano and Ibarra, both CAPLA graduates, founded Ibarra Rosano Design Architects in 1999 after winning their first international design award. Since then, the duo has continued to earn international recognition for their unique desert modern architecture, receiving over 70 design awards and recognition in more than 300 publications. Rosano joined CAPLA in 2011 and teaches site planning and analysis, architectural programming and the architecture foundation studio and also coordinates the third-year design studio. Ibarra coordinated and taught the third-year design studio at CAPLA from 2011-2018.


Teresa Rosano, Assistant Professor of Practice in Architecture


Casa Schneider Featured in ArchDaily


Tucson, Arizona

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