The CAPLA Student Experience

The student experience at the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, regardless of your chosen course of study, is adaptable, engaging and challenging.

Many students join us at CAPLA because they have intentions to become an architect, landscape architect, real estate developer or urban planner. Even within those careers, there are many options available, and we’ll prepare you for all of them.

Study in any program at CAPLA challenges students to achieve academic rigor, to meet demanding studio requirements and to develop cross-campus collaboration. All of this means that students are encouraged to get out of their comfort zones to solve difficult problems.

Based on what interests them, students have many opportunities to adjust their studies through electives and working with different professors. Through different classes, students will engage not only with their classmates and instructors, but also with design-build projects, the community, or other students across campus.

Students sitting on steps and laughing
CAPLA students in a social media review

Students choose to come to CAPLA for any number of reasons. Some come to study with us because each of our programs focuses on sustainability, and they appreciate that sustainability is an exciting career field to go into.

Some come to CAPLA because of our sense of place within the Sonoran Desert, understanding that our environment distinguishes us and allows us to study and learn from our natural surroundings.

Some come because Tucson has been continuously inhabited for over 4,000 years and understand that our college is placed at the heart of a continuum of building activity, a position that cannot be claimed anywhere else in North America.

Regardless of why you choose to come to CAPLA, we are sure you will find yourself at home.