Eduardo Guerrero

Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Urban Design

School of Architecture
School of Landscape Architecture and Planning
Eduardo Guerrero

Areas of Expertise

  • Urban design
  • Affordable housing
  • Architecture
  • Neighborhood redevelopment and planning


Master of Urban Design. University of California, Berkeley.

Diploma in Public Urban Development. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago.

Graduate Studies. University The Republic, Santiago Chile.

Eduardo Guerrero received his professional architecture degree from the University The Republic in Santiago Chile and earned a Master of Urban Design degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Before joining the faculty at the University of Arizona, Eduardo practiced architecture and urban design in Chile and in California. Eduardo has designed and built hundreds of social housing units in the Atacama Desert region, designed prototypical houses for Habitat for Humanity, and selected properties for future housing developments. In addition, Eduardo has overseen neighborhood revitalization efforts in Santiago for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning and has also worked as an urban design consultant for firms in California in both rural and urban areas. As a registered architect (in Chile) and urban designer, Eduardo’s professional and research interests include both disciplinary perspectives. Eduardo is drawn to design problems that engage architecture, urban design, climate, and culture, and is especially interested in the seen and unseen edges that define boundaries between urban, rural, agricultural, industrial, natural and social settings.
When Eduardo is not teaching architectural design at the University of Arizona or designing professionally, he is serving on the "Public Art and Community Design committee" for the Arts foundation for Tucson and southern Arizona or at the "Bike and Pedestrian Plan Committee" for the Pima Association of Governments, and working to make Tucson an even better place to live.

Courses taught

Foundation Studio. 1 semester / ARC 101
Foundation Studio. 2 semester / ARC 102
Design Studio. 3 semester / ARC 201
Design Studio. 4 semester / ARC 202
Design Studio. 5 semester Integration of places / ARC 301
Design Studio. 6 semester Urban Housing / ARC 302
Introduction to Architecture / ARC 195
Latin American Architecture / Graduate + Undergraduate / ARC 497b 597b
Low Income housing / Graduate + Undergraduate / PLG 599
Interdisciplinary Urban Design Studio / Graduate + Undergraduate / ARC LAR PLG 451a
Urban Design and Social Housing, study abroad / Graduate + Undergraduate / ARC 471
ULI HINES Urban design and development competition / Graduate
CAMP Architecture. Summer camp / High School
Other courses
Sustainable urban design
Architecture photography