Mount Lemmon Outdoor Library: Nickolas Witt '23 B Arch

Jan. 21, 2022


Mount Lemmon Outdoor Library
Mount Lemmon Outdoor Library. Image by Nickolas Witt.

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Project Narrative

A library is a home to culture, history and knowledge. This inspired the Mount Lemmon Outdoor library to be a book itself and become an expression of humanity and the site. The library’s program of collaboration, research and ultimate reflection of one’s ideas is encouraged and accessible to visitors in all walks of life. It was critical to create a beautiful space of knowledge where all people can experience and contribute to the library. This was accomplished by placing universal design at the beginning of the project's purpose. Two simple floors are united around an existing site tree which filters natural light in all innovative spaces. All visitors traverse through the heart of the library equally with views of the mountains and filtered light from the center tree. The library brings the outdoors inside through large panels of glass which open in the summer to bring a cool summer breeze.

Imagination had no limits when the exterior of the library was designed to reflect the surroundings of the site. The smooth, mirrored surfaces return the identity of the site. With this reflection, the library creates a camouflage among its surroundings, allowing the library to blend in with nature while offering shelter to visitors.

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2021 AGM/Ascension Universal Design Prize Merit Award


Nickolas Witt '23 B Arch


Student Work | ARC 301 | Studio Taught by Siri Trumble, Lecturer in Architecture


Mount Lemmon, Santa Catalina Mountains, North of Tucson, Arizona