Moving Sam Maloof: Saving an American Woodworking Legend's Home and Workshops: Ann Kovara '81 B.Arch

Nov. 11, 2020
Ann Kovara '81 B Arch
Alumni Work | Moving Sam Maloof: Saving an American Woodworking Legend's Home and Workshops
Alta Loma, California
Sam Maloof residence and workshop being moved

Ann Kovara '81 B.Arch AIA Emeritus LEED AP (Legacy), architect, author and former Maloof Relocation Project construction manager, presents her book, Moving Sam Maloof. Hosted by Seth Pringle of the Maloof Foundation for the Arts and Crafts, her talk below was originally presented on October 9, 2020. Ann explains how Sam Maloof (1916-2009), a beleaguered but plucky elderly world-class woodworker, California living treasure, and MacArthur Foundation grant awardee endured his family compound’s move by the State of California. Sam's historic structures were saved from demolition and are now open to the public as a museum.

Ann details the move of the Maloof historic residence, Sam’s woodworking studio, guesthouse and 20 major trees to a new site three miles away, as well as the new property’s reconstruction to the National Register of Historic Places standards. Sam’s friend, former President Jimmy Carter, says about the move: “You can take pride in the fact that the Maloof Relocation is one of the most significant preservation efforts in all of California’s transportation history.”

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