Tortuga Ranch: Alec Kelly-Jones '22 M Arch

Sept. 21, 2021

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Project Narrative

The Yaqui people are resilient and strong, and have preserved their traditions and culture whilst interpreting the landscape of the modern world. Given the large percentage of youth present in the current population of New Pascua today, a unique opportunity exists to mobilize this strong and energetic body for the prosperity of all Pascua Yaqui people. The elders are the keepers of knowledge, tradition and practice, and possess the wisdom needed to guide the efforts of the youth in shaping a tomorrow authentic and true to Yaqui culture, and appropriately applied in the modern world. By creating spaces that promote interaction, support a variety of traditional practices and help youth understand themselves within the context of all Yaqui people who came before them, this important exchange between the elders and the youth can take place. The architecture at Tortuga Ranch expresses this goal attained through cohesion; translating time, place, celebration and tradition as one generation joins another for the benefit of all generations to come.

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Alec Kelly-Jones '22 M Arch


Student Work | M Arch ARC 510E Studio Taught by Laura Carr, Lecturer in Architecture


West of Tucson, Arizona