Plan the Plan

April 19, 2022


Traffic calming chicane
Traffic calming chicane // East Glenn Street, Tucson. Image by Austin Young.

Social Equity, Environmental Resilience, Identity + Community, Green Infrastructure, Crowd-Sourcing Technology

Project Overview

This project aims to apply crowd-source technology to foster greater inclusion and social justice in the City of Tucson’s neighborhood planning process. CALPLA faculty members Bo Yang, Shujuan Li and Gina Chorover and Master of Landscape Architecture student Heather Schmidt applied this platform to seven neighborhoods in the Grant-Alvernon area. Their report generates an analysis of existing conditions, opportunities and constraints for the purpose of future planning within these neighborhoods. Students from the Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Science in Urban Planning programs compiled the data and prepared the updated analysis for this document. These students utilized this information to identify problematic conditions within these neighborhoods and hypothesized objectives and goals for the purpose of community planning. The areas of concentration included: stormwater management, impervious cover, urban heat island effect, safety, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, bike safety, improving neighborhood assets, incorporating more green spaces—community gardens, parks and vegetation.

Community Partners

  • Grant/Alvernon Area Plan (GAAP) Revisions Committee
  • City of Tucson Department of Planning and Development Services
  • Tucson Clean and Beautiful



Crowd-source public participation, data-sharing and visualization tool for the City of Tucson's neighborhood planning. $10,000 Funding by Drachman Institute


Bo Yang, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Shujuan Li, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Gina Chorover, Senior Lecturer in Planning and Landscape Architecture, and Heather Schmidt MLA


Tucson, Arizona


July 2020 - June 2021