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Our faculty conduct a wide array of transformative research related to development, planning, design and the built environments.

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Select Faculty Publications

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Kirk Dimond. January 1, 2021. "A Pattern Language for Solar Photovoltaics." Landscape Journal 39 (1), 21-37.

Nicole Iroz-Elardo and Kristina Currans. (2021). "Injury burden of introducing e-scooters: A systematic review of e-scooter injury studies using emergency department record review, 2015-2019". Transportation Research Record. doi: 10.1177/03611981211032216

Nicole Iroz-Elardo, Arlie Adkins and M. Ingram (2021). "Measuring Perceptions of Social Environments for Walking: a Scoping Review of Walkability Surveys". Health & Place. 67:102468. doi:10.1016/j.healthplace.2020.102468

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Shujuan Li and Bo Yang. "How important are the park size and shape to a park system's performance? An exploration with big data in Tucson, Arizona, USA." Socio-Ecological Practice Research (2021).

Arthur C. Nelson, Robert Hibberd, Kristina Currans and Nicole Iroz-Elardo. 2021. Transit Impacts on Jobs, People and Real Estate. Five volumes. Portland, OR: National Institute of Transportation and Communities, Portland State University.

Kim, Keuntae, Keunhyun Park and Arthur C. Nelson. 2021. "Impacts of Light Rail Transit on Labor Participation and Housing Affordability in the U.S.: A Longitudinal Analysis using Propensity Score Matching."  Transportation Research Record.

Arthur C. Nelson and Robert Hibberd. 2021. "(Overlooked) Association between Express Bus Station/Stop Proximity and Multifamily Rents with a Surprise about Transit Mode Synergism and Implications for Transit and Land Use Planning." Transportation Research Record.

Arthur C. Nelson and Robert Hibberd. 2021. "The Influence of Rail Transit on Development Patterns in the Mountain Mega-Region with a Surprise and Implications for Rail Transit and Land Use Planning." Transportation Research Record.

Gary Pivo, Equity and Sustainability Assessment of Tucson’s Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET) Program, A Report for the Tucson Office of Economic Initiatives, February 12, 2021.

Berger, L., AD Henry and Gary Pivo, "Role of city collaboration networks in the acceleration and attenuation of Integrated Water Management." Water Policy. Accepted and forthcoming.

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Gerlak, A.K., Elder, A., Thomure, T., Shipek, C., Adriana Zuniga-Teran., Pavao-Zuckerman, M., Gupta, N., Mastler, M., Berger, L., Henry, A.D., Bo Yang, Murrieta-Saldivar, J., Meixner, T. (2021). Green infrastructure: Lessons in governance and collaboration from Tucson. Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development, Vol. 63, issue 3.

Makarewicz, C., P. Dantzler, P. & Arlie Adkins. 2020. Another Look at Location Affordability: Understanding the Detailed Effects of Income and Urban Form on Housing and Transportation Expenditures. Housing Policy Debate, 1-23. 

Jonathan Bean, Kristina Currans & Nicole Iroz-Elardo. (2020). "Unmasking invisibility". Interactions. 27(3): 22-23.

Courtney Crosson, Andrea Achilli, Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Elizabeth A. Mack, Tamee Albrecht, Padmendra Shrestha, Dominic L. Boccelli, Tzahi Y. Cath, Glen T. Daigger, Jennifer Duan, Kevin E. Lansey, Thomas Meixner, Stephanie Pincetl and Christopher A. Scott. "Net Zero Urban Water from Concept to Applications: Integrating Natural, Built, and Social Systems for Responsive and Adaptive Solutions." Environmental Science and Technology Water (2020).

Kristina Currans, G. Abou-Zeid, K.J. Clifton, A. Howell & R. Schneider. 2020. Improving Transportation Impact Analyses for Affordable Housing Developments: A Data Collection and Analysis of Trip Generation Data. Cities. Vol. 103.

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Arthur C. Nelson & Robert Hibberd. 2019 (finalized for distribution in 2020). The Link between Transit Station Proximity and Real Estate Rents, Jobs, People and Housing with Transit and Land Use Planning Implications. Portland, OR: National Institute of Transportation and Communities, Portland State University.

Daniel Parolek with Arthur C. Nelson. 2020. Missing Middle Housing: Thinking Big and Building Small to Respond to Today’s Housing Crisis. Washington, DC: Island Press.

Deakin, Elizabeth, Arthur C. Nelson, Kristina Currans, D. Lee & J. Renne. The Transportation and Land Development Committee TRB Centennial Paper. Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies. Invited paper. (2020).

Arthur C. Nelson. "The Little Train That Did: Commercial Real Estate Rents and Proximity to Tucson's Sun Link Modern Streetcar with Lessons for Future Expansions," TREND Report. April 2020.

Arthur C. Nelson. 2020. The Great Senior Short-Sale or Why Policy Inertia Will Short Change Millions of America's Seniors. Journal of Comparative Urban Law and Policy, 4: 470-5245.

Arthur C. Nelson & Robert Hibberd. 2020. The Influence of Rail Transit on Development Patterns in the Mountain Mega-Region with a Surprise and Implications for Rail Transit and Land Use Planning. Transportation Research Record.

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Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Mussetta, P., Lutz-Ley, A.N., Diaz-Caravantes, R.E. & Gerlak, A.K. (2020). Analyzing water policy impacts on vulnerability: Cases across the rural-urban continuum in the arid Americas. Environmental Development. Special issue organized by the Inter American Institute for Global Change Research.

Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Gerlak, A.K., Mayer, B., Evans, T.P. & Lansey, K.E. (2020). “A multidimensional assessment of urban resilience from green infrastructure systems.” Submitted for inclusion in the Special Issue of Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability – Resilience and Complexity: Frameworks and Models to Capture Social-Ecological Interactions, edited by Christopher Scott, and François-Michel Le Tourneau. Vol. 4. Pp. 42-47.

Gerlak, A.K. & Adriana Zuniga-Teran. (2020). Addressing injustice in green infrastructure through socio-ecological practice: What is the role of university-community partnerships? Socio-Ecological Practice Research, 2: 149-159.

Varady, R.G., Gerlak, A.K., Mayer, B.M., Albrecht, T., Lemos, M.C., Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Wilder, M.O., Mukherjee, A. & Ernst, K.C. (2020). The exigencies of transboundary water security: Insights on community resilience. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Vol. 44. Pp.74-84. Special Issue: Resilience and Complexity: Frameworks and Models to Capture Social-Ecological Interactions.

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Clifton, K.J. & Kristina Currans. 2019. Multimodal Trip Generation, Vehicle Ownership and Use: Characterizing the Travel Patterns of Residents of Multifamily Housing. Prepared for the National Institute of Transportation and Communities. (Available online at:

Chapman, J., Whitfield, K., Nicole Iroz-Elardo, Henley, C., Alfonsin, N., Hagerman & L. Frank, L. (2019). Integrating Health and Transportation in Canada. Ottawa, ON: Transportation Association of Canada.

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Select Faculty Presentations

View faculty presentations by year:

Gary Pivo, "Equity and Sustainability Assessment of Tucson’s Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET) Program," Presentation to Tucson City Council, February 22, 2021.

Gary Pivo, "Gentrification." Presentation for the League of Women Voters for Symposium on Gentrification: What Is It? And Who Is At The Table? January 16, 2021.

Esther M. Sternberg, Altaf Engineer, Bo Yang, Li, S., Co-Is: Young-Jun Son, Y.J., & Philip Stoker (2021, March). DASH-SAFE: A Multi-Modal Geographic Information System (GIS) Dashboard for Near Real-time Mapping of Perceived COVID Risk/Safety in a Campus Environment. Poster (virtual), 2021 Integrative Medicine & Health Symposium, University of Arizona, Tucson.

Adriana Zuniga-Teran. 2021. “Equity in green infrastructure: Community engagement in Tucson and Ambos Nogales.” Presented virtually during the Climate Pilot Project Symposium Crossing Latinidades organized by the University of Illinois, Chicago. Funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation. April 9, 2021.

Adriana Zuniga-Teran and Gerlak, A. 2021. “Diseño urbano sustentable: Justicia en los espacios verdes urbanos.” Presented virtually by A. Zuniga-Teran as a Keynote Speaker for the Seminario Permanente de Posgrado en Ciencias y Artes para el Diseño. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. March 3, 2021.

Arlie Adkins, Ingram, M., & Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Sonmez, E. (2020). Workshop: QPED Toolkit – Qualitative Pedestrian Environments Data for better, more equitable transportation decision-making. 2020 Active Living Conference, February 2-5, 2020.

Kristina Currans, Abou-Zeid, G., & Nicole Iroz-Elardo. Linking Residential Parking to Automobile Transportation Impact Outcomes at a Development Level. 2020 Transportation Review Board Meeting. Washington, DC. 2020.

Nicole Iroz-Elardo, Arlie Adkins, & M. Ingram. (2020). Measuring Perceptions of Social Environments for Walking: a Systematic Review of Walkability Surveys. Poster at 2020 Transportation Review Board Meeting. Washington, DC.

Nicole Iroz-Elardo & Ladd Keith. (2020). Heat and healthy habits: supporting physical activity in an era of increased extreme heat risk. Poster at 2020 Active Living Conference, February 2-5, 2020.

Ladd Keith, Hondula D., Jones H., Meerow S. and Turney, V. Kelly, Workshop Organizers: Advancing the Theory and Practice of Urban Heat Resilience. October 19-20, 2020.

Elizabeth Deakin, Arthur C. Nelson, Kristina Currans, David Lee and John Renne. 2020. Transportation and Land Use. Centennial Papers. Transportation Research Board.

Arthur C. Nelson. Keynote, Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute. 2020. "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet: Transforming the Built Environment Through Its Nonresidential Spaces."

Arthur C. Nelson. Special Lecture, Urban Fellows, Georgia State University School of Law. 2020. "The Great Senior Short-Sale."

Arthur C. Nelson. Congress for the New Urbanism. 2020. "Missing Middle Housing."

Arthur C. Nelson. Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute. 2020. "Financing Resilient City Growth”.

Arthur C. Nelson. Transportation Research Board. 2020. "The Influence of Rail Transit on Development Patterns in the Mountain Mega-Region with Implications for Rail Transit and Land Use Planning."

Arthur C. Nelson. Transportation Research Board. 2020. “The Link between Transit Station Proximity and Mode Choice to Work, Working at Home, Vehicle Ownership, and Transportation Costs with Implications for Transit and Land Use Planning Implications."

Arthur C. Nelson. Transportation Research Board. 2020. "The (Overlooked) Link between Express Bus Stations and Commercial Rents with Implications for Transit and Land Use Planning". 

Clare Robinson and Arlie Adkins"The Green Book in Arizona: Intersecting urban history, heritage, and planning." EAAE-ARCC International Conference, Valencia, Spain, November 11-14, 2020.

Adriana Zuniga-Teran. 2020. “State of the Cienega Watershed.” Presented at the Cienega Watershed Partnership Workshop, via Zoom. September 18.

Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Murrieta, J., Garcia-Perez, H., Buechler, St. Lara-Valencia, F. Spickard, G. 2020. “Second Planning Workshop: Raingardens for my School”. This workshop was the conclusion of the project titled “Developing an outreach model for green infrastructure to address flooding and sewage spills in Ambos Nogales,” funded by the Arizona-Sonora Inter-University Alliance. September 24.

Our Research Stories

View our latest research stories and profiles:

House for Sale sign

Q&A with Real Estate Development Professor Gary Pivo: Should You Buy or Sell a House During the Pandemic?

Professor of Real Estate Development and Urban Planning Gary Pivo discusses COVID-19's impact on the housing market and what it could mean for prospective home buyers or sellers.

Blurred person with hot sun

Extreme Heat and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Global Heat Health Information Network Launches Comprehensive Online Resource

CAPLA Assistant Professor of Planning and Sustainable Built Environments Ladd Keith contributes urban planning and local governance information to resource that focuses on managing the health risks of extreme heat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tucson Sun Link Modern Streetcar

Planning Professor Arthur C. Nelson Shares Analysis and Lessons from Development around Tucson’s Sun Link Modern Streetcar

Professor of Planning and Urban Design Arthur C. Nelson teamed with doctoral student Robert Hibberd and MRED and MS Urban Planning students to conduct research highlighted recently in TREND Report.

Helen Erickson

CAPLA Heritage Conservation Project Director Guides Urban Planning Graduates and Neighbors in Creating a Cultural Asset App for Tucson

Each year Helen Erickson brings together graduate students in her preservation planning course with neighborhood residents on a project designed to benefit the community. This year they created the Tucson Community Treasures app.

Chris Nelson speaks from behind a podium in the Sundt Gallery

Planning Professor’s Efforts on Leaving a Legacy Showcased by the APA Foundation

Arthur C. Nelson, professor of planning and real estate development, is featured in the American Planning Association Foundation’s 2019 Year in Review for his work on two endeavors: FutureShape and scholarship endowments.

Samuel Jensen Selected as NITC Student of the Year

This prestigious annual award goes to just one graduate student among the six National Institutes of Transportation and Communities member universities.

2019 Transportation Research

The University of Arizona is part of the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC), one of five National University Transportation Centers funded by the United States Department of Transportation. NITC is a network transportation researchers and educators from Portland State University, University of Utah, University of Oregon, Oregon Institute of Technology, and University of Texas Arlington.

CAPLA Faculty Make an Impact at TENWEST

Tucson’s TENWEST Impact Festival featured speakers, exhibitors, and entertainers from the Tucson community and beyond.

Planning Student Selected as 2020 ADOT/TRB Minority Fellow

As Tucson awaits the up-oming drop of hundreds of shared electric-scooters (or e-scooters) on our streets, one CAPLA student investigates how local agencies regulate these third-party companies to encourage safe, equitable, and responsible operation.

Affordable Housing Project Receives National Recognition

An innovative mixed-income housing development designed by an interdisciplinary team of CAPLA students was awarded Second Place/Honorable Mention in the 2019 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Low-Income Housing Challenge.

Students conduct a soil percolation test

CAPLA Receives Top Spots in 2018 EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge

For the second year in a row, two of the six winning teams in the EPA Campus Rainworks Challenge were from Bo Yang's third year master of landscape architecture design studio.