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Our faculty conduct a wide array of transformative research related to design and the built environments.

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Select Architecture Faculty Publications

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Courtney Crosson. 2021. "Answering the Supply-Demand Gap with Alternative Water Sources: Retrofitting Cities to Achieve Net Zero Urban Water". Landscape Journal 39 (1).

Courtney Crosson, Daoqin Tong, Yinan Zhang & Qing Zhong. (2021). "Rainwater as a renewable resource to achieve net zero urban water in water stressed cities." Resources, Conservation and Recycling 164, 105203.

Susannah Dickinson. “The Complexity of the Built and Natural Environments” AMPS, The City and Complexity: Life, Design and Commerce in the Built Environment, Conference Proceedings Series 19.2, 80-87. ISSN 2398-9467

Susannah Dickinson and Aletheia Ida. “Climate Change and Design: Multiscalar Design Research in the Sonoran Desert.” The Architectural Research Centers Consortium, ARCC, Performative Environments, Conference Proceedings. 2021.

Dennis Doxtater, "Probabilities of designed locations of ceremonial foci: the Chaco Meridian, temple IV at Tikal, and a large-scale sacred Adena river landscape." Time and Mind, Vol. 14, Issue 1, 2021.

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Laura Hollengreen. “Qal’at Sim’an: A New Venue of Power in Late Antique Syria.” Proceedings of the 2021 ARCC [Architectural Research Centers Consortium] Conference (2021): 275-82.

Bill Mackey and Chavez, Bryanna. "Identification of Limits to Development of Innovative Affordable Housing Types in the Tucson Area," paper produced through the Drachman Institute, College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture for AARP. January 2021.

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Sandra Bernal, Altaf Engineer & Nader Chalfoun. (2020, May). Assessment of the implications of natural and mechanical ventilation on exposure to dust in the residential sector. Vivienda y Comunidades Sustentables (Housing and Sustainable Communities).

Alhabib, G., Sandra BernalAletheia Ida Altaf Engineer. (2020, February). "Passive Strategies for Reducing the Impact of Outdoor Air Pollutants on Indoor Air Quality: A Combination of CAM Plants and Hydrogel Membranes." Proceedings of the 16th Conference of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (Indoor Air 2020).

Courtney Crosson, Andrea Achilli, Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Elizabeth A. Mack, Tamee Albrecht, Padmendra Shrestha, Dominic L. Boccelli, Tzahi Y. Cath, Glen T. Daigger, Jennifer Duan, Kevin E. Lansey, Thomas Meixner, Stephanie Pincetl and Christopher A. Scott. "Net Zero Urban Water from Concept to Applications: Integrating Natural, Built, and Social Systems for Responsive and Adaptive Solutions." Environmental Science and Technology Water (2020).

Tong, Daoqin, Courtney Crosson, Qing Zhong & Yinan Zhang. (2020). "Optimize urban food production to address food deserts in regions with restricted water access." Landscape and Urban Planning 202, 103859.

Courtney Crosson. (2020). "A Model for Community and Criticality: The University Urban Design and Research Center." Proceedings of ARCC-EAAE.

Courtney Crosson & Sandra Bernal. (2020). "The Citizen-Architect: Evaluating an Interactive Game for Collaborative Urban Solutions and Green Infrastructure Success." Proceedings of ARCC-EAAE.

Susannah Dickinson, Jonathan Bean & Aletheia Ida. Critical Practices in Architecture: The Unexamined. 2020 (Cambridge Scholars).

Altaf Engineer. (2020, November). "New synergies between research, education and practice for health and wellbeing outcomes in the built environment." EAAE-ARCC International Conference Proceedings.

Altaf Engineer, Sternberg, E.M. & Aletheia Ida. (Eds.). (2020, August). "Healing Spaces: Designing Physical Environments to Optimize Health, Wellbeing and Performance." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Special Issue Book Reprint. Basel, Switzerland: MDPI.

Altaf Engineer, Aletheia Ida & Sternberg, E.M. (2020, August). Editorial: "Healing Spaces: Designing Physical Environments to Optimize Health, Wellbeing and Performance." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Basel, Switzerland: MDPI.

Altaf Engineer. (2020, August). "Immersive Physical Environment: Office Interiors and Preparedness." In Mechanick, J. & Kushner, R. (Eds.), Building and Implementing a Lifestyle Medicine Program: From Concept to Clinical Practice. NY: Springer.

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Ketchum, R.S., Yuan, H.C., Ruiz-Diaz, L., Lyons, N.P., Cui, S., Frasier, M., Showghi, S.A., Kim, K.J., Aletheia Ida, Pan, W. & Norwood, R.A. (December 2020). "Design and Characterization of a Translucent Solar Module (TSM) for Greenhouse Structures." Journal of Engineering and Architecture.

Aletheia Ida. (2020, February). "Fluid Matters," in Examining the Environmental Impacts of Materials and Buildings, Ed. Blaine E. Brownell. Pennsylvania: IGI Global Press.

Aletheia Ida. "Fluid Matters: The Embodied Water Footprint of Building Materials," chapter in Examining the Environmental Impacts of Building Materials. 2020.

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Elena Canovas. Essay and interview in Conversations and Allusions: Enric Miralles. 2019 (Fundació Enric Miralles).

Elena Canovas. The Digital Space for Modern and Contemporary Catalan Architecture. 2019 (Col.legi d’Arquitectes de Cataluya).

Sternberg, E., Altaf Engineer & Aletheia Ida, Guest Editors.”Healing Spaces: Designing Physical Environments to Optimize Health, Wellbeing and Performance,” Special Issue for International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2019), MDPI Open Access.

Lisa D. Schrenk. Chapter: “Exposition Art Deco,” in The Routledge Research Companion to Art Deco, (New York: Routledge, 2019): 89-112.

Beth Weinstein. "Erasing, Obfuscating and Teasing out from the Shadows: Performing/installing the camps' (in)visibilities," Performance Research > A Journal of the Performing Arts. 2019.

Beth Weinstein. "Performances of Spatial Labor: Rendering the (In)visible Visible," Journal of Architectural Education. September 2019.

Select Architecture Faculty Presentations

View faculty presentations by year:

Susannah Dickinson and Aletheia Ida. “Temporal Boundaries: Multiscalar Dynamic Modeling Techniques for Climate Change and Design.” The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and the European Association for Architectural Education, ACSA/EAAE,  Teachers Conference:  Curriculum for Climate Agency: Design (in) Action, Conference Proceedings. 2021.

Altaf Engineer & Kramer, B. "Built Environment Considerations to Reduce Disease Transmission in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities." Presentation at  Conference Intensive: Dimensions of Residential Environments and the Creation of Just Communities, EDRA52 Conference, Detroit. May 2021.

Altaf Engineer. "DASH-SAFE and DASH-Well: Two Near Real-Time Geographic Information System-Based Tools for Risk Assessment and Emotion Mapping in the Built Environment." Invited Presentation: AIA Design & Health Research Consortium. March 2021.

Yijie Chen, Y., Hyde, J.N., Berryhill, A., Morton, C.J., Dean, A., Altaf Engineer, Parthasarathy, S., Young-Jun Son, Y.J., & Esther M. Sternberg. (2021, April). Development of a complementary system for 3D personal CO2 bubble visualization to improve sleep quality and cognitive performance. Poster (virtual), Research to Innovation Showcase, BIO5 Institute, University of Arizona, Tucson.

Damon Leverett. "Biomimetic Generative Design in Symmetrical Grid Systems." SIGGRAPH 2021. August 9, 2021.

Bill Mackey. Panelist, Affordable Housing Summit Tucson: "Building a Housing Plan for Older Adults." January 25-28, February 5, 2021.

Lisa D. Schrenk. “Book Talk: Lisa Schrenk on The Oak Park Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright,” Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, 2021.

Lisa D. Schrenk. The Evolution of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park Studio” Glessner House, Chicago, IL, 2021.

Lisa D. Schrenk. The Impact of US Railroads in the Promotion and Success of the 1933-34 Century of Progress Exposition. World’s Fairs and Expositions Area, 2021 Popular Cultural Association Annual Meeting, 2021.

Esther M. Sternberg, Altaf Engineer, Bo Yang, Li, S., Co-Is: Young-Jun Son, Y.J., & Philip Stoker. "DASH-SAFE: A Multi-Modal Geographic Information System (GIS) Dashboard for Near Real-time Mapping of Perceived COVID Risk/Safety in a Campus Environment." Poster (virtual), 2021 Integrative Medicine & Health Symposium, University of Arizona, Tucson. March 2021.

Sandra Bernal. "Energy Services and Household Habitability," Virtual Colloquium: Energy, Poverty and Climate Change in the Transborder Region of Mexico and the United States. Colegio de la Frontera Norte, The University of Arizona, CONACyT, EL Colegio de Sonora, La Universidad de Sonora and RedIEL. November 26, 2020.

Altaf Engineer. "New synergies between research, education and practice for health and wellbeing outcomes in the built environment." EAAE-ARCC International Conference, Valencia, Spain. November 2020.

Sternberg, E.M., Altaf Engineer & Omar Youssef. "Health and Wellbeing in the Built Environment (Translating Research into Design Outcomes through Curriculum and Research" (Altaf Engineering), "Virtual Reality and Human Performance" (Omar Youssef). Centre for Conscious Design (CCD) Festival, Phoenix, Arizona. October 2020.

Sternberg, E.M., Yang, B., Li, S., Young-Jun, S., & Altaf Engineer. DASH-SAFE: A Multi-Modal GIS-based Real-Time COVID Risk Assessment, Management, & Navigation Tool - Dr. Esther M. Sternberg. Restruct Built Environment Research Symposium: Mid-Pandemic Adaptation, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. September 2020.

Altaf Engineer. "Confluence of design and technology to promote healthy aging and longevity in older adults." Environmental Design Research Association. Tempe, Arizona. April 2020.

Altaf Engineer, Omar Youssef & Sternberg, E.M. "Poster: Wearable devices to measure the impact of built environments on health." Department of Medicine Annual Poster Session, The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. January 2020.

Eduardo Guerrerro. Special lecture on “Contemporary urban theories” at the Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies (KRVIA), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. September 16, 2020.

Eduardo Guerrerro. Special lecture on “Contemporary urban theories and research methods” at Texas A&M, College of Architecture, College Station, Texas USA. September 8, 2020.

Eduardo Guerrerro. Panelist for the "Master of Urban Design Advanced Design Project Reviews", at University of California Berkeley, College of Environmental Design. August 14, 2020.

Aviv, D., Moradnejad, M., Aletheia Ida, Wang, Z., Teitelbaum, E. & Meggers, F. “Hydrogel-Based Evaporative and Radiative Cooling Prototype for Hot-Arid Climates” in Simulation in Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD) 2020 Conference Proceedings, Vienna, Austria. May 2020.

Clare Robinson and Arlie Adkins"The Green Book in Arizona: Intersecting urban history, heritage, and planning." EAAE-ARCC International Conference, Valencia, Spain, November 11-14, 2020.

LIsa D. Schrenk. "Dystopia in the World of Utopia: The Transient Nature of Modern International Expositions." Southeast Society of Architectural Historians. Natchez, MS (Virtual due to COVID-19), October 2, 2020.

LIsa D. Schrenk. "The Use of Exploratory Fieldwork Techniques in the Development of Observational and Analytical Skills in Students of the Built Environment." Teaching-Learning Research Design and Environments Virtual Conference, AMPS. Manchester School of Architecture, Manchester, England. December 3, 2020. 

Our Research Stories

View our latest research stories and profiles:

Abstract architectural view on UArizona campus

‘Performative Environments’ Spark Insight and Activism at International Conference Hosted by UArizona School of Architecture

Though the ARCC 2021 international conference hosted by CAPLA was held during the pandemic—and therefore online instead of on campus as originally planned—the gathering of many of the world’s most provocative built environment researchers was a resounding success.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park studio

The Architectural Laboratory of Frank Lloyd Wright

Associate Professor of Architectural History Lisa Schrenk shares the preface to her new book, The Oak Park Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright, which explores the suburban Chicago studio that served as one of the most important sites in the development of modern archi­tecture in the United States.

Adriana Zuniga

Exploring Human-Landscape Connections: Adriana Zuniga ’10 MS Arch, Assistant Research Scientist

Assistant Research Scientist Adriana Zuniga came to CAPLA from Mexico in 2008 to pursue her MS Architecture degree. Since then, she has also earned a PhD in Arid Lands Resources Sciences and has taught and conducted research on human-landscape connections at CAPLA since 2015.

Eric D. Weber

The Materials and Methods of Construction: Eric D. Weber, Associate Professor of Architecture

Associate Professor of Architecture Eric D. Weber joined the college this fall, where he is teaching Design-Build and Techne. Learn more about Eric, including his background in architecture, his construction-focused research and his advice for architecture students.


UArizona Team Led by Architecture Professor Jonathan Bean and Engineering Professor Wolfgang Fink Wins $200,000 ‘American-Made Challenge’ E-ROBOT Prize

wall-EIFS, a robotically applied, 3D-sprayable exterior insulation and finish system for building envelope retrofits, is one of 10 finalist prize winners of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Envelope Retrofit Opportunities for Building Optimization Technologies Prize, or E-ROBOT Prize.

Desk in office with window

CAPLA Experts: In Wake of COVID-19, Employers Must Make Offices Healing Spaces

Altaf Engineer and Esther Sternberg, two CAPLA professors who study how work and living spaces affect physical and mental health, say the pandemic has forced employers to think about how office spaces can reduce employees' stress and enhance their wellbeing.

The Role of Building Emissions in Meeting Climate Change Goals: Architecture Professor Jonathan Bean Interviewed by KJZZ

Jonathan Bean was interviewed by KJZZ Radio regarding the role of building emissions in meeting climate change goals, noting that if we want to get to a zero carbon future by 2050, we must cut emissions from buildings in half by 2030.

Assistant Professor Jonathan Bean Named 2021 CUES Distinguished Fellow for ‘Climate Heroes’ Curriculum

Architecture and Sustainable Built Environments Assistant Professor Jonathan Bean has been named one of four 2021 CUES Distinguished Fellows by UArizona’s Center for University Education Scholarship. His project, Climate Heroes: Transforming the Built Environment, addresses the fundamental challenge of our time: climate change.

Solar panels in city

Sustainable Design Expert: The Building You're Sitting in is the Elephant in the Room

Assistant Professor of Architecture, Sustainable Built Environments and Marketing Jonathan Bean says buildings are the No. 1 pathway to achieving the Biden administration's new carbon emissions goals. He's training the next generation of architects, and with the College of Engineering creating the Climate-Positive Building Lab, to make climate-positive buildings the new normal.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park studio

Architectural History Professor Lisa D. Schrenk Publishes Critically Acclaimed Book on the Oak Park Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright

The Oak Park Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright by Lisa D. Schrenk offers the first comprehensive look at the early independent office and career of one of the world’s most influential architects.

Seattle Public Library drawing by Robert Miller

A Form of Meditation: Robert Miller, Director, School of Architecture and Professor of Architecture

Robert Miller, who joined CAPLA in 2010 as director of the School of Architecture, is stepping down as school director in June 2022. Learn more about Miller's experience at UArizona and before, as well as his passion for drawing, insight on academic administration and more.

Laura Hollengreen

Dwelling in Meaning: Laura Hollengreen, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Architecture

Laura Hollengreen, who has worked at CAPLA twice in her career, is researching theories of virtual and augmented reality to understand how some effects of digital media today were foreshadowed by immersive techniques in art and architecture of the past, especially medieval art, her area of expertise.